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RF 200-800 still on back order?


It’s now January 8 and Canon is STILL saying this lens is on back order and offering nothing further. I expect a lot more from them. I pre-ordered mine from B&H photo in NY on 11/2/23. My friend ordered hers after me, directly from Canon. I didn’t realize that was an option. She received hers last week. Today, I again got a “back order” status from B&H. These orders are not being processed in the order received. Incredibly disappointing.


Note: Camera Bar, LLC is indeed an authorized Canon Reseller.  Just looked that up at Canon's Where to Buy page as I hadn't heard of that store before.


Camera: EOS 5D IV, EF 50mm f/1.2L, EF 135mm f/2L
Lighting: Profoto Lights & Modifiers


I don't think the orders are pooled between the retailers.  Each gets their own stock of lenses to sell.


Try excellent photo in Canada.  I just received mine last Thursday.  They had 2 left as of last week.

Do they deliver to the US?



none left 😞 


I caught up on this blog to see if any new information had come out amongst the community on Monday 02/26/24. I checked into the Excellent Photo company suggested above and the website showed that the 200-800mm lens was in stock. After checking CAD to USD conversion and shipping calculations, it still came out about the same price for USD as ordering from Canon USA directly. I have been waiting on backorder since my second pre-order on December 6, 2023 without any updates for further information. Back to Excellent photo. I proceeded through with a complete order. I received shipping confirmation on 02/27/24 that the lens should arrive before the end of the week. I am waiting until I receive the lens in person before cancelling my Canon USA pre-order. I find the availability of the lens in US market to be ridiculous!.. I hope this may help some other impatient or long waiting folks out there. 

oh wow. I reached out to one Canadian retailer and they said that "due to manufacturer restrictions, they are unable to ship out of Canada". I just checked Excellent Photo and the lens is unfortunately now out of stock and shows "restocking soon" so I will keep an eye out, thanks!!! My other question is, is there any risk to buying this lens outside of the US? Does this affect warranty? I thought I read somewhere that Canon USA may not touch a lens from outside the US

According to Canon Canada lens warranty link information and canon USA lens warranty information Canadian or USA equipment purchased from authorized retailers new uphold the same warranty and criteria. Here is a screenshot of USA 200-800mm lens warranty info straight from their website. I held back on ordering from Canadian retailers for the same concern. Canada is as far "Out of country" I would order for USA home base warranty and function concerns. Just my opinion and current position. If I am wrong then well that's my gamble. 

 Canon lens warranty.png

this is great thank you!!!

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