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RF 10-20mm F/4 L IS STM availability


Has anyone heard anything about when they are going to ship out another batch of rf 10-20mm lens. This is getting ridiculous.



Hi and welcome to the forum:
If your issue is with the RF 10-20, you might want to change the title of your thread from EF to RF.

cheers, TREVOR

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We took care of the change!


Oh the pain of it all... patience has to be a virtue with this one 🤣

Screenshot 2024-04-24 230117.png

So you ordered it in November 2023 and did not get it until June 2024?


Canon is doing you a favor and trying to save you some money. Let's be thankful they still publish lens diagrams and we can easily check that this lens is using the same basic optical solution as the Tamron 11-20mm f/2.8. Raise your hand if you want to pay $2,299 for a Tamron lens.

Too bad the Tamron 11x20 doesn't fit an RF mount. I hate using the adaptor.


yes. started shipping. I preordered it on Monday and got an email on Wed saying it is shipped. waiting for it!

Did you get the lens? If so, how long did it take?


These lenses really do exist and they're plenty of fun!!

The one I ordered last fall just arrived yesterday so I took it out for a spin today.  I tried to throw some weird angles, direct into the sun shots, confined spaces etc at it and I was completely impressed.  I'm not even getting the complete wide angle glory out of it because I'm on my R7 and won't be reunited with our full frame for a few weeks but here's some samples:

HC-130 6 Jun 24 0102.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 0266.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 0552.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 1363.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 1412.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 1506.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 1812.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 1833.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 0008.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 0030.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 0043.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 0050.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 0074.JPGHC-130 6 Jun 24 0075.JPGCatopia 5 Jun 24 0047.JPGCatopia 5 Jun 24 0197.JPGCatopia 5 Jun 24 0501.JPG

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