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Lens Recommendation for Both Sports and Wildlife


So I have a 70-200 f /2.8 and I have been told that not good for wildlife I look at the RF800 but I'm told that not good for Baseball and I want a lens that uses for more than one subject. Any help for a lens that good for both sports and wildlife would be nice


The issue with that is a lot of EF lens I want Canon no longer fixes

There are aftermarket repair shops that will still fix most of the EF series lenses. Canon doesn't really support the professional market in the manner of the past thus the rapid planned obsolescence and I would count on them getting worse instead of better in the future as they flail about in the camera market.

I own professional products of other types and those have much better long-term parts and service support; unfortunately there is a bias in Japanese industry going back to the early post-war era towards buying new instead of providing long-term repair service that made sense when trying to rapidly grow a post-war economy but that has become ingrained in corporate culture. I have U.S. produced machine tools decades old that have very good parts/service support as you will find with industrial products from firms like Cat and Deere but unfortunately those guys don't make cameras.

And I have zero interest in owning narrow aperture telephoto lenses; unfortunately the laws of physics can be ignored so light, inexpensive, and fast aren't an available combination in long focal length glass.


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"Bad field lighting can really make it tough."

It sure can doesn't matter if you are shooting a BB game or an animal in the wild. Most if not all big teles are going to be on the slow side. It is possible to make a big tele with a fast aperture but it would be too big and too heavy to the point of making it impossible to even use. Not to mention the price tag which on the very few that have been made exceeds 100 grand.

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12mm super tele.jpeg

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