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Hate the RF100-500 Lens Collar


Does anyone else hate the lens collar on the RF100-500 lens? If it's somewhat loose, it frequently breaks open potentially spilling the lens to the ground. It is very hard to tighten enough so that it doesn't slip around when on a tripod. I have owned many of Canon's telephotos before I switched to the mirrorless system. I never had a problem with their lens collars. What genius in engineering came up with this awful lens collar design????


Is it the same design?

On visual inspection, I couldn't tell them apart. But, something is obviously different as now the ring will not turn when locked even when I try. It looks like just a bad one got through initially.

What method did you use to make this happen? I don’t want to do a full warranty claim where they ask me to send the whole lens back when it’s obviously just the collar that needs to be replaced. Thanks.

Once I submitted the support request form, an agent sent me an email asking for the following proof of purchase:

1. Retailer name

2. Retailer address or store #

3. Date purchased

4. Specific product purchased: Canon RF 100-500mm f/4.5-7.1L IS USM Lens

Since I store copies of my receipts with my registered gear on, shooting them a copy of the receipt was simple.



5. Purchase price: $2899.00

I tried what you did—an email support request. I got treated differently. They want me to send the whole lens in. And I’d have to pay for shipping to Canon with insurance. I wish they’d just send me a replacement collar like they did for you. I even offered to send video showing the problem.

Did you purchase that Canon extended protection plan? Maybe that's the difference.

No. I didn’t have the CarePAK thing. But I have had further communication with them and at least they are now sending me a prepaid UPS label.

That's still odd. They shouldn't need the lens. Just sending you a new collar should be enough and it would save them all this effort.


Anyone having issues with their lens collar should contact Canon.  When the ring ends engage, you have to press gently when you start turning (tightening) the retention screw.  Tighten firmly.  It will be snug.  Don't turn it further. Don't apply excessive force.  Perform a visual inspection before each use.

The thumb screw does not stay loose or spin freely.  If your lens rotates when tightened, your collar is damaged or has a manufacturing defect.  Contact Canon.  The collar is covered under warranty or CarePak.  If not, its about $255.  If your lens falls and your camera is attached to it, you are going to be out a lot more than replacing a faulty collar.  >> Contact Canon.  

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~CarePaks Are Worth It

This is what I have finally done. My lens is no longer under warranty, so the lens collar is around $220. I am having Canon send me a new one. If it does not work any better than the original lens collar, they said I can return the new one within 14 days and get a refund. I am taking it on a trip where I will be using this lens on a gimbal, and I can't have it slipping. Hope the new one is better. It is a really awful design. Had they used the same kind of collar that was on my EF lenses like the 70-200 and 100-400 and 300 prime, I would not have had this problem nor had to pay this amount for a replacement.

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