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Hate the RF100-500 Lens Collar


Does anyone else hate the lens collar on the RF100-500 lens? If it's somewhat loose, it frequently breaks open potentially spilling the lens to the ground. It is very hard to tighten enough so that it doesn't slip around when on a tripod. I have owned many of Canon's telephotos before I switched to the mirrorless system. I never had a problem with their lens collars. What genius in engineering came up with this awful lens collar design????


I think we're all singing from the same song book here.  The OP is determined that it is the design.  It is not, it's just a faulty unit and it can be fixed or repaired for free if they just log a job and send it in for repair and let Canon do their job to support her.   If she is not using it often it should be no great hardship to do without it for the period it will take to get it sorted and then she can enjoy it as it is designed to function.   The wait too long and the warranty lapses - which is not Canon's fault.

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I have the same lens and the same issue as the OP. I also believe it is the design. My lens is basically new and has never been damaged in any way. Not even a mark. I’ve had to put a piece of masking tape on the lens under where the collar mounts to keep it from slipping while it’s on a tripod. It just doesn’t tighten down far enough. The design makes it so. Honestly, he’s right. It’s not a very good design.


Same problem. Same lens. Basically new. No damage ever. On the tripod, especially using my Wimberley gimbal head, it will rotate in the collar very easily. The issue is that it is not possible to tighten the collar beyond a certain point because of the design. I’ve had to put a piece of masking tape on the lens under where the collar mounts to add material and add more friction to keep it from spinning. I’m definitely not sending my lens and collar back to Canon when it’s obviously a design issue. It just doesn’t work well. People in this thread keep saying that you’re wrong and that it’s broken or whatever. I doubt that. Mine is the same. And I doubt those people have this lens because if they did, they would see what we’re talking about.

so glad someone finally understands this is a bad design. Thank you for posting.


I used to think it would never tighten properly, but discovered you don't just turn the tightening knob, you have to push it in, then turn, and it tightens up very quickly and securely. 

Oh, I can get the knob to thread and can engage and tighten the knob in the threads until it won’t turn anymore (knob is fully tight), but the collar still isn’t tight on the lens. I can then hold the collar and, with enough force (not much), I can still rotate the collar (or lens—same thing). This isn’t that big of a deal while hand holding the lens, but it’s a big deal on a tripod because I’m on a gimbal and trying to move the camera body to swivel and tilt the lens and it ends up rotating the body/lens while the collar stays fixed to the gimbal. One piece of masking tape is enough thickness to stop it from happening, but that just shows that the collar can’t get tight enough on its own.

Please use gaffers tape, not masking tape. Easy to remove and won't leave a residue on the lens.

Excellent. Thanks.

It tightens but never securely.


Here is a video that shows the problem. I think the solution is to always expect the lens to fall out if the the lock knob is not FULLY and FIRMLY  tightened.



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