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EF 85mm f1.2L II USM - Lens Hood Stuck


HELP  😂  One "might" think that someone whose well over half a century old, has had a camera in his hand since age 5-6, parents who ALWAYS had a camera with them, me a Pro degree holding Studio Photographer w/employees for 30+yrs/National Lecturer, owned 9 different(some multiples) Canon L series lenses, ALL EOS Canon Bodies, might know how to get a lens cap off on the ONE Lens I ALWAYS wanted? Now that I'm buying equipment again(?) after having sold EVERYTHING 4-5yrs ago, thinking my $800 Canon Pocket camera would be all I needed, until I lost it, might have a clue how to put on and take off a lens cap? This Canon 85mm f/1.2L II USM Lens has me stumped? I've ALWAYS bought the Top of the Line of EVERYTHING during my career in Photography holding degrees from PPA(if their still around?), understanding my "clientele" demanded quality and the BEST for the $$ they were paying me! Also, when it came time to sell a piece to upgrade or replace, the return was always higher than the lesser equipment. NOW, I've found, to my amazement a used"NEW" Canon 85mm f1.2L II USM Lens for a third of what it cost several years ago. I rarely buy "used" however I couldn't justify new these days, not because I don't have the $$, but more of wanting I guess what would now be considered "Old School" lenses and bodies? I'm resistant to change and wanted EF L Lenses since that's all I've ever known, as well as a MIRRORED DSLR Body. Also to my amazement I found a used"NEW" Canon EOS 5DS R that had 10 clicks on the shutter and items in the box never opened, not even the booklet or CD's! Again, at a 3rd the cost of when NEW! Another lens I'd wanted but used the 70-200mm f2.8L IS II USM(4 in total) instead of the 200mm f2.8L II USM Prime lens, I found in SAME condition @ 4th of what it sold for new as well...! Sorry, I digress at times? 🙂  So here's my PROBLEM, the 85mm Lens Cap! It was still in original wrapping and location in the box when the lens arrived. I've bought & sold more new/used equipment in my career than 10Pro's would probably buy in 20yrs! I learned early on, buy big used lot's, take what I wanted/needed, sell the rest, basically own the item(s) I needed for little to nothing in cost! Then after a few years of doing this, buying one or two NEW pieces a year as my business grew in leaps and bounds, I'd sell the used & buy new, all top of the line.  However, I'M STUMPED for one of the few times in my life with a piece of photo equipment, the lens hood for this 85mm lens...!  It has two "buttons" on either side, I did not see any of the usual line up marks, however was able to get it on and off somewhat easily for normal use. The problem NOW is when I flipped it around to put on lens for storage, I can't get it OFF?  I've looked up & giggled everything I could think of regarding this situation and NO ONE showed or used this lens with the lens hood? DOES ANYONE HAVE A CLUE OR OWN ONE THAT CAN HELP ME GET THIS DANG LENS HOOD OFF??  😂 Those that new me during "film" years and beginning digital years would have the BIGGEST laugh if I was still full time & back in my area!   Sincerely,  "OLD DOG, LEARNING NEW TRICKS" !!  🤣


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If that lens hood has no release button, then the hood is cross-threaded and will require quite a bit of force turning clockwise (looking from the camera end) to remove it. If it has a release button, make sure that it is depressed before turning clockwise.

If you are holding the lens with it pointing at you, then you will be turning the hood in a counter-clockwise direction.

Thank you for taking time to reply, this is the right HOOD, just different model, EW-79II. It’s one a type I’ve not seen or used in the past, one similar with a button, but not like this one and it’s design. I sold the last of all my gear 4-5yrs ago and can’t believe the quality of this lens, as well as the 50+mp 5DS R body!  WOW…! What’s even more incredible is the associate I worked with who physically checked all three items I purchased the other day. Supposedly “used” however with ALL the hundreds of camera bodies I’ve owned, bought and sold as well as lenses over my lifetime and career, they could have sold them as “NEW” to me and I’d never have questioned the sale! Normally I don’t buy used, however, this is just to have around since loosing my great $800 Canon pocket camera. 😂 In the last week here in Maine, I've missed out on some incredible shots and felt helpless since I've had a camera since a child. Again, thank you for your time.


You say the lens CAP is the problem, then you say the HOOD is the problem. Which one?

What is the hood? The Canon ES-79 II (the official hood for this lens) is not threaded. It twists on and off. No release buttons.  Do you have an aftermarket threaded hood? If so you may have cross-threaded it when putting it on. You'll need to unscrew it and hope the lens threads are not damaged.

By the way, your cyan-colored text was very hard to read. How did you do that? And getting through the thing to the actual problem was a real effort. Please try to be more concise.

Thank you, after 3 bought’s of Lyme’s Disease, the first in February ’02 in middle of a Bad Winter here in Maine, which also blessed me with a terminal illness(low mortality rate), then again in ’04 and then in 2017 by the “new” Gray Tic Lymes Disease, I sometimes have trouble with my memory and getting words mixed up. I was talking about LENS HOOD, EW-79II. I’m sorry for the confusion of words.

I took a chance and did a little “old school” tactics, by Jiggling and lightly pulling on the HOOD while pressing the two buttons. It came off after a few tries. It seems each outside button controls two tabs inside the HOOD, which hold onto the lens. Only 1 and a half of the two tabs per button were pulling in to release the HOOD. Not sure if it’s an inherent problem with this HOOD or not. I can say, “IF” it ever was used, you couldn’t prove it by me! 

Regardless, I found the issue and am THANKFUL to ALL who took the time to respond. Again, I’m sorry for the misuse or “terms”?  Also, I was blown away with the 1st image I took with this EOS 5DS R & 200mm f2.8L II USM lens. I viewed image on camera back with 8X magnification and couldn’t believe my eyes. If my memory is close, it’s even sharper than the first 45/50Mp 2 1/4 backs from waaay back in my film days and the burgeoning of the digital ERA!  My studio’s first digitals were Canon’s “Pro” D30 - 3.25mp, which we all thought was incredible back then…… 😂 If I had a few of these along with my employees back then, I could only imagine how much we would have saved in Film & Processing!  🙂  I looked back at one early years records, $24K+ in Film costs and $36K++ in processing fees! I could have taken ALL 8 of us on our Winter Week vacations I paid for to local resorts and could have all gone to FL or the Islands!  LOL

Oh well, guess I have a LOT of catching up to do, in just the past 4-5yrs!  Again, I’m sorry for word mixup and do appreciate All the replies. 🙂


I have the same lens and the hood should remove and install easily, just press the two buttons on the opposite sides of the hood.  There are no marks to line up because this circular hood rotates freely on the lens; it mounts via a groove and there is no need for specific orientation since it has no "petals" like some of the wider angle lenses which need to be oriented properly to prevent blocking part of the sensor.

When you went to store it, the hood should just invert but still go over the same end of the lens.  IF you tried to slide it on from the camera body side for storage I am sure that it would jam badly if you tried to push it on.

Photos is of my EF 85 f1.2 with the hood inverted for storage.


85 f1.2.jpg

EOS 1DX M3, 1DX M2, 1DX, 5DS R, M6 Mark II, 1D M2, EOS 650 (film), many lenses, XF400 video

No, I’ve had enough Canon Lenses to know how to put them on, this one, seems to be slightly faulty with the inside tabs not fully retracting while pushing the buttons. 🙂 If you read above reply, you’ll see I’ve had I believe all of the EOS “Pro” line bodies, I just didn’t list them all. I still have one of our First EOS 1D camera bodies in which I kept one for my personal use. Every time a new model came out, I’d buy at least one, along with others that came along. Unfortunately, while getting onto our Cabin Cruiser, I dropped the camera when the dock rocked. It of course landed on the bottom corner of the body where I was told held a part of the “brains” of the camera and wasn’t worth fixing. I had our 24-70mm f2.8L IS USM lens on it at the time, that had been dropped many times and kept on ticking for years. Even though we had others, we calculated before my illness forced me to close the doors that this particular lens made us approximately $750K over it’s many years of service! I pd $2500.00 for it back then and sold it years later still working but a bit slower for $575.00. I guess that lens which was fixed for $125 by new owner to proper working order held up well and paid for itself countless times over……..!  😁 Not bragging, just reason CANON is the ONLY 35 format I've EVER used, I still have my film 1NRS(?) that uses 8 AA batteries!  🙂 Even that body back in the 90’s was $2K, guess Canon is much all our Mac’s over the years, price was always within $50-$100 every few years. Unlike things these days, where every 3 months prices seem to rise for no reason?

Well, sorry for going off on a tangent. Thank you very much for your reply and information.  😊


THANK YOU ALL, I finally used some “Old School” tactics and got it off and found out the issue! I have just NEVER run into a Lens HOOD like this one! Had one similar but nothing like the way this one works. Thanks again……...


The EW-79 II is NOT the correct hood for the 85mm f/1.2. It is the hood for a TS-E 45mm lens.

The 85mm f/1.2 takes an ES-79 II.  This could be why you are having so much trouble with it.