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Mounting an EF-S Lense on the EF mount adapter for a Canon VL mount camera


I have a Canon VL mount camcorder and I was wondering if it would be possible to mount an EF-S lens on the EF mount adapter for a VL mount camera, I know it wouldn't be electrically compatible, but would it be physically possible? I also don't think there are any EF-S lenses with manual apertures so I don't think it would be able to take photos.



An ef-s lens cannot physically mount on an EF mount. The EF-S lens has a different (white) location mark.


You haven't told us what camcorder you're using, or what adapter you're using, so this is guesswork.  But I think your adapter may pre-date the EF-S lens mount, so it may be physically incompatible.  I don't think that electrical compatibility is actually a problem; it's whether the adapter has the recess (or whatever they used) which accepts EF-S lenses.

A bigger question is, why are you trying to fit modern SLR lenses on an ancient camcorder?  If it's for the nostalgia value of usng old tech, that's perfectly understandable, but wouldn't you want to use original lenses?  Otherwise, I'd really look at upgrading to a newer camera.  Even a very basic modern camera will way outperform an oldie (like an EX1/2?).

Also, the camera probably has a "half inch" sensor, which means 1/3 of an inch, so putting an EF-S lens on there is huge overkill.  EF-S covers a much larger sensor.