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Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L or RF 85mmL 1.2/EF 85mm 1.4L which one to buy?


I need a versatile photo/video prime lens. So I shoot photo & video for church services, concerts, weddings and portraits with my Canon R5. I current have the EF 85mm 1.4L IS USM but it’s not so good with video but the photos are incredible! I’m thinking of getting the RF 50mm 1.2L as a replacement. Do you think the RF 50mm 1.2L would look the same as a 85mm going to the crop mode on the R5? I heard video on the 50mm 1.2 is crazy good, but the 85mm focal length and compression is unbeatable 



May I add that for church services, concerts and weddings, sometimes I can’t get close that’s why an 85mm is so good


In crop mode, the 50mm focal length would be equivalent to 80mm.  So a tad wider field-of-view than an 85mm.   The 50mm also has no IS, so that could be problematic for video unless you'd always be using a tripod or other stabilization device (though you could still use IBIS for that, but perhaps that wouldn't be as good as optical stabilization).

Finally, there are limitations for video when using crop mode.  See page 323 in the User Manual for details.


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You are going to find that any prime lens is going to have limitations somewhere. That's just a fact with primes. Zooms are so very much more versatile. If you are allowed to move about then a prime will be much easier to live with. I am not a videographer but if I were I would choose the Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8 L IS USM Lens without doubt.

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