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Canon 70d Lens Reco




I'm looking for purchase my first dslr and have decided on Canon's new 70d. I'm really excted about the big purchase, but wanted to compliment it right off the bat with some good starter lenses. I've been told to purchase the body only and then get two good lenses to get my started, rather than going with the kits. As a result, I was hoping to get your opinions since many of you probably know far more than most people do about Canon and their lenses 🙂


Thus far, people have recommended some combination of two of the following. Any thoughts on these? Please feel free to throw any other recommendations out there. Since I'm just getting started, I'd like to stay around $1,000 for my first two lenses until I get more familiar with my camera, etc.


EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5

50mm 1.8

35 mm 1.8

18-200 mm


Thank you!




For $1000 budget, I'd recommend getting a 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens.  If you look in the used market (like Craiglist) you can get brand new lens from people who bought camera+lens combo but already has the lens for under $900.

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Hi, you did not mention what special type of photos you may shoot the most of. Landscapes, wildlife or maybe sports. The 70D will have a number of great features and it will be an interesting body....but keep in mind that I believe the lens could be the most important part of the whole picture. Quality lens will keep their value and in the long run do a better job of getting that shot. There is a reason why Canon's "L" lens cost what they do. Don't be in a hurry to just buy a couple of lens, buy quality and remember that renting is a great way to try before you buy. I'm leaving on a week long trip to Oregon and have rented a 17x40 "L" F4 for $105 for three weeks. In the long term of your new hobby you will never be sorry for the quality of great lens. Also, with the 70D a video training course program should be available and that may help to get all that's available in the 70D body.

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Thank you!! Definitely makes sense and I appreciate that insight. I agree with you on getting quality lenses. I'll mostly be taking images of cityscapes, landscapes, candids of my nephews. I love taking images of flowers, but think I'll take your reco on renting a few macros to see what I like. For now, I'm hoping to get a lens or two that will serve a wider range of purpose and be solid lenses to get started as I learn more about the camera and where my interests really lie. Any other thoughts, please feel free to let me know! Thanks again.

I would not get a 24-105 for a crop sensor camera. Two reasons:

1.). It is not wide enough. A general purpose zoom for crop is usually 18 to something or 17 to something. On a crop sensor 24mm is equivalent to 38mm.
2.). You need to buy that lens as a kit lens with a camera or else you get hosed on the price, but I don't think there is a package available for that lens and a 70d, is there? It is primarily a full frame lens. If you get one bundled in with a camera, you get it for like $600.00. It you buy it separately it is as much as $1,100.00. One would have to buy one used, or at least broken out of a kit, in order to get a decent deal.

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