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Canon 24-70mm f2.8 ii flex cable ribbon problem again


I have a couple of these lenses and I do really love them. They are the work horse in my stable of glass.

That being said, this is the 3rd lens now that has failed with the ERR code communication problem. I have had this happen a couple times before so was able to trouble shoot the issue and know that its the flex cable ribbon that is bad inside the lens.

It will work perfectly as long as you shoot at 2.8 (the wide open aperture setting). As soon as you change it and the lens needs to change the aperture for a image, it fails. 

Now, this is the 3rd  time with 2 different lenses that I've had to send them in for this repair. It would seem to me that this is a defect in the lens and I should not hae to pay for it. Or... Canon needs to use better parts so this does not keep happing over and over again.

Yes I use the lenses a lot. And yes, they are out of the warranty period. That being said, they should step up and repair without quesion. The have to know that this is an issue with the lens. 

Anybody else experiencing the same issue with their Canon 24-70mm f2.8 ii?

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"Anybody else experiencing the same issue with their Canon 24-70mm f2.8 ii?'


No, no issues at all.  I can tell you my gear gets 'used'.  It is not babied.  Your case is one or the other, either you got a bad lot of lenses or you are doing something wrong.  If you had Canon repair the lens under warranty, you got another warranty on their work.  You should not have to pay to have them fix what they fixed.  Unless the period is extended between failures.

You might want to check to see if you can get CarePAK coverage

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I can tell you these lenses were not part of the same batch and bought years apart. This problem has happened to 2 other people I know as well... so I really think this is a design flaw or poor materials. 

I take care of my equiptment and do use it a lot. But having this problem happen multiple times with the same model of lens but different lenses is not right.


Have a hard time thinking Im doing something wrong other than using the lens the way it was intended to be used.

Hey, man, I feel for you.  When it happens to you it's not fun.


"...happened to 2 other people I know as well... "


And I can tell you I must have a few dozen 'friends' or colleagues is a better word that is hasn't happened to.  I have been in the business for several decades now and seen a ton of this particular lens.


"I take care of my equiptment ..."  


Unfortunately, in my experience that isn't always possible.  The gear does what its supposed to even if it is pushed to the limit.


Again I am so sorry yours hasn't worked out. I hope you get it resolved but I doubt it is a design flaw or poor materials.  Just luck of, or lack thereof, the draw.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Well... it happened again today at my wedding! Arrggggg

My Canon 24-70mm f2.8 ii that I bought in April 2017 failed with the Err 01 Code. After some quick trouble shooting, again discovered that it would only shoot on aperture F2.8. Any other aperture would force it to communicate via the ribbon cable to change it to the desired aperture and fail! 

This is crazy... its not a bad batch of lenses or user use/maintenance... this is a lens flaw and its costing me a lot of money already!

I use my equipment a lot... capturing anywhere from 2000 to 3000 images per wedding with this lens on any given wedding day. Shooting 1 or 2 weddings a week on average... so you can do the math on how much its being used. But this same problem happening over and over on different (but same model) of lens is a design flaw.

I would love to hear from a Canon representative that can address this issue. My bag is full of Canon gear from bodies, glass, flashes and accessories... so it's difficult for me to just switch out. I am thinking about it though... even with the release of the new R mirror less. Sony is starting to turn my head and attention. 

Someone talk to me please...

My video of the failing lens again. Fails only when the aperture is changed to anything but 2.8


I think shows the problem...

The link attached to your last post indicates there is either a problem with the way the flexible printed cable is routed or the method used to secure it and I suspect it is the way it is secured is the problem since it shouldn't be making solid contact with anything that would allow this sort of damage.


When an auto manufacturer runs into this sort of recurring issue a TSB will be issued with corrective action.   I don't know how forthcoming Canon is about internal service bulletins but it might be worth checking whether there is a revised service procedure before payinfg for another repair.


If there is clearance I suspect a thin piece of adhesive backed PTFE film tape (NOT the stuff used for plumbing/pipe threads) would provide proper protection for this flexible printed connector.  This material is often used in the electronics industry to protect cables from mechanical damage since it is very strong with a very slick contact surface to the offending part.


My only negative Canon experience was a camcorder I bought back in the late 1980s that had horrible issues with poor quality flexible printed connectors and out of warranty I ended up repairing several of those with better quality parts.  There was no way that the original design and parts quality would provide reliable service but fortunately that was the one quality issue I have had with a LOT of Canon gear over the years and the design/construction of it was far different than their SLR/DSLR bodies.



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Hello llehmann,


It is unfortunate to learn that you continue to encounter an Err 01 code with units of this particular model lens. By-and-large this model lens has out standing reviews and performs exceptionally, which makes this situation a bit confusing.


Looking at the Product Advisory section of our website (HERE) I do not see any Service Notices associated with this model lens that would explain this phenomenon. It sounds like there may be some unusual circumstances going on here that our Technical Support team can help look in to.


Please CLICK HERE to reach our friendly Technical Support Team by phone or email. I would provide them with the details on the issue as well as any repair history you have in your records.

Here we go AGAIN!!!

Let's just chalk up another broken lens with the same problem. Making this the 4th repair on the 2 different lenses of the 24-70mm F2.8 ii that I own! Just checking my repair from last time, and this is the same lens that was repaired just over a year ago. 

Again... same problem and symptoms.
It will work perfectly as long as you shoot at 2.8 (the wide open aperture setting). As soon as you change it and the lens needs to change the aperture for a image, it fails. Hence the flex ribbon cable that tells the lens to change aperture for the image is broken. 


Serisoulsy Canon. It's time to step up and admit there is a problem with this lens build/design. I shouldn't have to pay for this same repair a 4th time! This is all internal repairs to the lens so it's not like its been abused or dropped. It's a flex ribbon cable used to allow the lens to zoom. But after so much moving back and forth... it fails and needs repair.

Please, I would like someone from customer service/support to contact me about this. Getting frustrated and starting to use the 4-letter "S" word that ends in "ony"


Judging by the amount of replacement apertures that sell on eBay, this is somewhat common.

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