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why won't my pixma mx922 find my computer when i want to scan something?


My pixma mx922 works fine when printing (wirelessly from my Mac)  However when I try to scan something, it does not find my computer.  Message keeps popping up "please set the PC to start scanning" and only PC listed is called Local (USB).  It does not offer the Mac up as an option.  I have checked printer settings on my Mac and the Pixma is clearly there as the default printer.


Product Expert
Product Expert



Check to make sure that the settings in the IJ Scan Utility are set correctly.  This program controls the scanner.


Please perform the following to register your scanner to work wirelessly on the Mac:


1. Open the Application folder.

2. Open Canon Utilities.

3. Open the IJ Scan Utility.

4. Under Product name, choose the Network version of the printer.


Once complete, attempt to scan from the IJ Scan Utility using the Photo or Document buttons.  Then try scanning from the operator panel.  You may have to turn the printer off and back on to refresh the connection.


If you continue to have difficulties, find more help at Contact Us.



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It did not solve my problem. I called for Canon support and went through numerous fixes but none of them solved the problem. I'm sending mine back as defective.

While I appreciate Michael's instruction, it didn't work for me either. Although I was able to ping from my OSX to MX922, neither the Canon's software on OSX nor MX922 found the other.


From my experience over the time, sometimes MX922 finds the Mac when it's rebooted. Also often they get connected when wifi on OSX turned disabled and re-enabled. Either way, I have to say these are not acceptable workarounds, annoying.

I have the same problem.  What is the solution?  I can print from Mac Pro OS Sierra (10.12.6) but Image Capture shows (0) under shared device.  I have Canon MX922.

This happened to me also.  I trashed all my Canon utilities, emptied trash, then downloaded the driver and the ICA Driver Ver. 4.0.0a (Mac).  I turned the printer off and then on.  I installed the printer driver and then ther ICA Driver.  I opened System Preferences > Printers and Scanners> clicked on + to add my Pixma MX922 and it showed up with both printer and scanner options.  Hope this helps!


Kind of follow-up since I've posted here more than an year ago.


I've moved my OSX computer to somewhere very close to the wifi router (so that the wifi reception is good). Coincidentally, I've stopped seeing the issue in this thread. So, maybe making sure the computer has very stable network connection might help.

Good morning.  I have 2 laptops connected to my MX922 printer/scanner/fax and have been able to use all functionality without any issues for over a year.  Last week my modem had to be replaced.  I've connected all devices to the new modem and am able to print wirelessly from both laptops.  However, when I try to scan, the laptops tell me that the scanner can't be found (although it's the only one listed and selected in the IJ Network Scanner Selector EX).  The printer/scanner tells me to set up my PC for scanning.  


Both laptops are HPs.  Laptop 1 is running Windows 7.  Laptop 2 is running Windows 10.  I've also tried connecting using a cable via USB and get the same results.  Why can I print, but not scan?  


Thank you!

Hi kreno819,


Even though you are able to print, since you have changed modems, please try reinstalling the drivers on both computers to see if this will allow you scan.  The latest drivers can be found on the Canon USA website here; you will want to download and install the MP DRIVERS file from the DRIVERS section of the webpage.  Once the drivers are reinstalled, please restart your computers and attempt to scan again.  Should you still run into difficulty, we ask that you please contact a Canon technical support representative here for further assistance. A representative will be happy to assist you free of charge.

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