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where did scanned images go?........


i am learning how to use my macbook pro with canon's 'my image garden'. i have only had my macbook pro for approx a month now. i scanned approximately 30 images over the past month. when i go to mac's 'launch pad' from the dock and click on canon utilities, then click 'my image garden' it pulled up the 'my image garden' home page with all the scanned photos. now when i go to 'my image garden' none of the photos are there---just a dark screen, except for the options on left side of screen. it's probably something i did, but, i click "macintosh hd" on the left side but can't seem to locate documents to click on that should pull up the scanned pics. the pics do show up in my folders from finder. can someone help here?



Hi flybynyte,


You would need to click on the arrow next to the Mac HD and any subfolders to navigate to the area on your computer where the images were scanned.  By default, the scanned images are stored in the Mac HD/Users/YourUserName/Pictures folder.


Hope this helps!


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