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printing error mg7550


why is this happening?

i have done all the printer maintainance tasks

inc manual alignment

regards thanks for any infoDSCN1744.JPG



After three years my MG7550 has the same vertical allignment problem when printing black ink ONLY.

If I change the text color from Black to Gray it prints just fine as it does for color and photo printing.

I have yet to find a solution.


No amount of changing the black cartridges or doing the maintenance ajustments will work.


Did you find a solution?


It seems to me that Canon printers have inbuilt trips to fail after three years approx.

Three years ago, my last printer failed with a non-recoverable fault.

Hi Rodger2902,

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We really appreciate your participation, however this appears to be a printer model not suported within the US. The Canon Community is hosted and moderated within the United States by Canon USA. We are only able to provide support for Canon products manufactured for and used within the US market.

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Thank you Moderator for your comment. I did not request support from yourselves but replied to a post by Polyal which was for the same model as mine. Perhaps in your hurry you did not notice that. If you know of a UK support URL which has a good forum, you could let me know. My last unrecoverable printer was the subject of a Class Action in the USA but Canon UK refused to accept it as a problem. Any help would be appreciated.

fortunately for me i dont use it for if i use it i avoid the black

the problem is the print head i should think

i removed the print head and did a thorough clean with isopropyl 

to no avail

in anycase if they've instigated a fail...they should be prosecuted for selling **bleep**e

mine is only 18 month old ...i use my brother lazer...brill no probs

canon can shove their printers where the sun dont shine from now on as far as

i am concerned

anyway best of luck with yours



I do not think the black cartridge is the problem. I have already done the major cleans of the cartridge and replaced with a new one, without success.

Follow the following link to see other users have the same type of problem with various printer models.


Note the Canon support response to clean the Encoder Film and if that fails to contact link.


I have not tried this due to the difficulty of accessing the Encoder Film. I believe the encoder film may be the narrow plastic transparent tape strip along the head path, left to right which has fine vertical markers to count how far the head has moved.



1. for important docs. change text colour to grey. It is difficult to understand why ONLY the double sized Black cartridge is affected by this problem!!!!



1 DVD label printing works OK

2 photo printing to cassette 1 works OK

In these two cases each pixel is unique whereas text characters are formed by reference to the Encoder Film.  I think!


IF you have given up with your printer and so it has zero value for you, why not try the encoder film clean either with "water" as suggested or isopropyl alcohol.


I haven't had any success with changing the Plain Paper setting to MATTE (or photo types) as had been suggested.

Regards (are you in the UK?)



My previous printer failed as per the following link.
I'm not aware Canon sorted that one.

thanks for the onfo

i replaced the cartridge it had no effect on the issue

i'll check the encoder film ..where is it situated

i checked the cd print and its perfect...i wonder if it uses the ' smaller ' black  cartridge to print cds



follow the link I gave you. There is a picture with pointers A & B.

You will need a torch to pick out the encoder film. It is a loop streching from full left to full right of printer, with a tension spring at the left and a pully at the right hand end. It is mounted flat so that you only see the two edges of it. The print head will run along it at the very back of the print head assembly.

Best of luck



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