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my printer is printing larger font, even in print to pdf


(This has been previously posted to Microsoft Community, with no response so far)


About a week ago, my printer started printing things about 135%, which means it cuts off the right edge  of everything I print.  This is NOT a printer SCALING problem...if I choose a smaller scaling in the print dialog, it makes everything smaller (zooms out), but still cuts off the right side of the print file.  This phenomenon even applies in "Microsoft Print to PDF" of all things.


I have tried deleting and reinstalling my printer (Canon MX922 Series) numerous times, and also the print to PDF driver.  Nothing changes.  I have tried "Restore default font settings" to no just goes away somewhere and never returns, with no effect.


I hope someone can tell me what's going on here.  This was a sudden onset, and I have not knowingly updated anything recently.  I could also add that I have been able to print files using my wife's Apple MacBook with no such printing anomalies (same printer, also Wi-Fi connected).


Thanks for any possible help!



I have a much more detailed presentation of this problem, if it would help...please ask.


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Product Expert



The issue appears to be software related.  The printer doesn't control font sizes of print jobs.  Since this issue is also occurring with your "Print to PDF" function, I would recommend that you try printing from a different program to narrow down the cause of the issue.  Avoid using the same documents that you have been having issues with for testing purposes.

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Thanks for your response.  I have been doing extensive testing to try to narrow this down.  I find that some particular print dialogs do not exhibit this phenomenon...they print with no problem.  It is when I print with the "default" print dialog that something makes the font larger. I'm afraid I don't really know anything else.


I seem to remember at one time, when I was printing with the default print dialog that I had an option to print with a different font, and that was useful at the time for I was printing something that was pretty small print.  I no longer can find any such option, and I suspect for some reason it is causing this problem.  I just am baffled and at a total loss as to how to find and fix the problem.


I know this is not directly a printer problem, but I am wondering who provides this default print dialog.  That's where I need your, or any body else's, help.  Again, thanks for your response.

Hi prwilliams38.


If you can identify which program or programs are experiencing this problem (such as one or more web browsers, one more PDF viewers, etc.), then you can look for the common thread between them.  From there, you will want to refer to support for that program, regarding any relevant print settings or options the program or programs may have that could cause this type of problem. In the case of programs with proprietary print windows (such as Microsoft Edge, or Adobe Reader), support for that program will have a guide to the available print settings.


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Well, I worked on this for at least a month, trying to pin down what was causing this.  Then, overnight, it went away...strangely enough, the same night Microsoft installed an update....


So now this is just a bad memory.  Thanks for the attempted support, but the problem no longer exists.

This may not be your problem but may help others. I recently started using Chrome browser more and more and the print interface has pro's and cons. 


Pro:  In the settings panel of Print Preview, I can easily scale documents with small fonts to be more easily readable and simultaneiously get a quick preview if all the content fits on the page as scaled.  I can tweak the scaling % up or down until it fits just right. Sometimes I shrink the font if I want to fit all on one page.  The preview let's me see if it will still be readable.


Con:  The settings panel doesn't stay open after use.   A subsequent print attempt will apply the last scaled setting  without me seeing it.  I don't discover it until I go retrieve the document.  


Similar issue with print-on-2-sides option.  

These are strictly limited to Chrome browser printing.  but perhaps other software has similar hidden settings that stick unbenownst between print jobs.



If you continue to have difficulties with font sizes, we recommend that you try printing from a different web browser. 


If you continune to have difficulties, please copy the text from the document/article and paste it in to a word processing program where the font size can be adjusted to your desired size before printing.

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