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my mx920 won't print wirelessly but will print with a usb cable


My MS 920 printer was working fine until I upgraded my Airport Express to an Airport Extreme.  the network is working fine.  I keep getting an error on the wirelss connection and ALL my devices are unable to print (iPad, iPhone 6, Mac, iPhone 6S, MacMini, Macbook Pro).  I plug the USB cable into the MacPro or the MacMini and it works fine so I don't believe it is the drivers.  Rebooted everything several times (routers, computers, and printer) and it will not connect wirelessly.  Reloaded driver and it wont print wirelessly.  Went on you tube and found a process to reprogram the printer for a fresh start.  That didn't work.  It might be cheaper just to buy a new printer than trying to fix it. 


It looks like there is an IP address assigned.