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mx922 Not working. Error 1403: Incorrect Print Head


My Pixma 922 stopped working all of a sudden! I get Error code: 1403. It says I have an incorrect print head.


I removed all my catridges and reset the printer with no change.


Can anyone help me?


I can smell the lawsuit is at the corner. So many people were suffering from this bogus print head problem. However, I just fix the problem by accident and found out there is tricky sensor hidden deep at the inner corner of the printer seat (the right bottom side in the printer housing). I believe canon did this on purpose, and this sensor problem never being put  MX330, 450, 860, 862, 870. Besides, the error message "Printhead wrong type" is not accurately to describe this problem. The print head is very expansive, whoever in the world can be stupid enough to buy a new print head and replace the print head. the print head is very difficult to remove and put back. I hate this printer. One more time problem happens,  I will dump it in the trash bin immediately. Not worthy to put my precious time on it.

I held on to mine for over a year after it died, waiting for my province to finally make it possible to recycle electronics. 


I used to be a dyed-in-the-wool Canon fan. Not any more, and in addition to the Canon ip7220 which I like because of the cheap ink, at my other location I have an HP 2655 which is an all-in-one that I paid only $50 for in Canada. I signed up for the Instant Ink service and that has worked out very well for me so far.

Let me know if a suit happens, I'll happily join.


1403 happend. I just replaced printhead and printer works just fine(I took printhead from different mx922, because I have 7 of them). Problem is printhead costs more that printer itself.


PS Printer is 15month old!

Never Canon Again!

I've had this printer for a few years, and it gave me the "incorrect print head" message today. I just bought a bunch of new $$$ ink cartridges too! If there's a class-action suit, I want in. This planned obsolescence racket is shameful.

Class action was settled in 2015 and didn't include this model. It seems they just change to model numbers but the Lawsuit was high enough to make them correct the POOR fabrication and/or faulty software.. These are just Landfill destined and I heat that!

Me too. I spent over $200 on ink cartridges since I print a lot of images. I am extremely unhappy right now!


Just got the support code 1405 on my Pixma mx922 which appears to say same thing as code 1403. Cleaned and reseated print head but doesn't fix the problem. Afraid to buy new print head and then be just out the money if that doesn't work either. I am already out a ton of money on the ink. Now need to go buy another printer along with ink because have a ton of printing need to get done ASAP. If there is a class action suit, sign me up..  

Same problem, but research online shows that Canon had an old class action suit for this. WHY DID THEY KEEP SELLING DEFECTIVE PRINTERS????

Has anyone found a resolve for 1403 error message? Also, what happened with the class action suit? Very frustrated! Thanks for your time!🤞
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