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mx882, every other page is blank when printing more than 28 copies


This is a really annoying bug!


My mx882 prints fine as long as I don't print more than 28 copies. However if I print 29 or more copies of a doc, it prints fine up until #28 and then from #29 on, all of a sudden every other page comes out blank.


Again, it prints normally until the magic number of 29 is hit and then it will start printing one page normally, then one blank, then one normal, then one blank, etc. AND then it keeps printing on and on and will never stop printing regardless of the number of copies that I specified until I either cancel the print job or it runs out of paper or ink.


If I print only 5, 10, 25 or 28 copies it all works as normal, but if I print 29 or more copies then the all of these issues arise.


Please don't tell me to clean the print heads or anything like that--that's got nothing to do with it. The printer did this on my old machine running windows XP and and on my new machine running Windows 8 and then upgraded to Win 8.1. Yes the drivers were/are all current and I've reinstalled them a couple of times but it didn't help.


This seems like a software bug to me, which I doubt Canon will fix. However, if anyone has any suggestions or fixes I would be very happy to hear them. Thanks!


Rising Star

Hello Brad,


Was the printer connected via USB or Wireless?

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