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iP7250 - Orange solid, 4/5 ink lights on. New inks.


The subject says most of it.

Canon Pixma iP7250 printer. Stopped working with four out of five ink lights on continuously. Yellow was ok. All other four were empty except the large black one. It had a trickle. Yellow was half full.


Changed all four inks, but those four ink lights are still on continuously. The orange light is giving four flashes. Powered off and on again - still the same. Only my wife does colour printing, I only do occasional b/w on an old HP LJ4, so I don't know why the inks ran out wothout being noticed.


The printer webpage shows all tanks as full - even the half full yellow one. The Mac driver shows 'Information not available' for Supply Levels. The Canon help pages tell you to use a driver 'Utility' tab that does not exist.


Being driven by a Mac running 10.13.6


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


The IP7250  is neither sold nor supported in the U.S.A.  You've reached support for Canon U.S.A. If you require support outside the U.S., I recommend contacting the branch of Canon for your region. You may find the correct website using the map on the Canon Global website:



So printer models sold in the US and elsewhere are totally different?


The problem would be the same for any iP7000 series printer. Is there no hint from other similar but US models?


The UK site expects an error code from a display and these printers don't have a display.