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how to clear printer memory Ts9520


having a problem with new ts9520 printing a page that is not in the printer que or spooler


someone suggested I clear the printer memory but, I can't find any info about how to do that


second q, always a struggle to sign into canon service, first insists my email or password not right, rest password, still a problem, try to set up a new account, shows my email already in the system, so, that is right

finally sign in, shows no products though, I have two past printers, a camera and the new printer

trying several links, finally find the new printer registered... 

is there some secret to signing in there?

and the stupid captcha... feel like I have to jump through hoops every time

never a problem here... 


Product Expert
Product Expert


If your TS9520 is not listed on your Canon account along with your other devices, you will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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