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canon pixma T5050


worst printer in the world or am i just unlucky. 

when i bought it, the spec had a tick at the side of auto duplex and it does not do this. 


when i try to print wirelessly it takes forever if at all.  sometimes it says printer not responding.  sometimes it says Collecting printer status.  sometimes even when it says not responding it prints anyway. this happens if im sat at the side of the printer or if im in another room.


it can take anything from two to four miniute Collecting printer status. then cuts off. and says not responding 


when i go into the office and plug in the lead it can still take what feels like forever to start printing. 


if i want to print two different jobs i have to turn the maching off and on then print the second job otherwise it just says printing and nothing happens.


when i want double sided it asked me several questions and setting up but now it prints back to front so rather than just putting the paper back into the machine I have to  re arrange them back to front. 


you cant copy more than one sheet at a time so if i have a letter four pages long double sided I have to copy each page then turn them over and copy each page again. i cant ask it to copy four pages. then turn it over each page has to be copied by itself. 

the maching is only a couple of weeks old and heading for the scrap heap. I have never bought canon before I have always used epson and i wish i had never changed.