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Why does my TR8622a printer have a default that ends in HTTP


My TR8622a printer has a default name of Canon TR8600 Series HTTP.  Ending in HTTP makes me think Hyptertext Transfer Protocol or internet.  Surely my printer isn't using internet to print, it's connect with USB cable and doesn't work unless that cable is connected.  Only had printer a couple months and have noticed it shows up in my eject tray as Canon TR8600 Series HTTP.  Also when I go into print devices under settings.  I have a Canon TR8600 Series in print devices, but if I select it, nothing prints, says can't connect.  However it seems to use Canon TR8600 Series to scan documents.  

Maybe this is normal, but why end the printer name in HTTP?   Is it really using internet to print?  Guess I could test that real quick.   I didn't tink it was that name prior to latest MS update, but maybe I just didn't notice.  Also, this is first printer I ever seen that was in the system tray where I could eject it.

I am thinking it is just a default name for whatever reason and I do know how to change the printer name, I could just take out the HTTP that bugs me and put Default or something else in the name.




What version and build of windows are you using the printer with?

You can change the name of the printer in Printer Properties


Based on your description we may need to look further into how the printer was installed.  Some of what you described does not sound normal.

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