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White banding problem - PIXMA MP610



A white banding problem has suddenly started on my Canon MP610 printer.  I have thoroughly cleaned the printhead and replaced the ink cartridges.  The probllem only effects the colour.  The black prints fine.

In order to see the problem better, I created a picture of 10 black bordered squares each filled with a different colour (each being a different  shade of red, green, blue or yellow) and printed the result.  Each square showed the same problem -  instead of a block fill, I am getting  lines (stripes) of the appropriate colour. Four lines each seperated by an narrow white line and then a wider white line and then another set of four lines again followed by a wider white line and so on.  If I print in landscape the lines are vertical and in portrait mode they are horizontal.  All of the coloured lines are of the same width and of the right colour.  Each set of four coloured lines between the wider white line is about a third of an inch (7mm) wide

I love this printer!

If anyone could offer any suggestions I really would be grateful. - Many thanks