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Very basic iP7250 printer query - paper jammed


I've managed to clear previous jams by removing the rear over and transport unit.  Doesn't work this time, about 4 inches of the page is already through to the out tray.


Pop up instruction says refer to user guide - trying to find this on line I'm presented with Browse Incognito but as a very basic PC user I can't understand the installation procedure.


Could anyone please give me a step by step guide to clearing the jam,


A direct link to the user guide as a pdf would be helpful in the event of possible future problems.





Hi, Grandad99!

Welcome to The Canon Forums, and thanks for posting!

We appreciate your participation, though we need to let you know that your product appears to be a model that is not supported by our team here at Canon USA.  The Canon Community Forum is hosted and moderated within the United States by Canon USA. We are only able to provide support for Canon products manufactured for and used within the US market.

If you live outside the United States, please click HERE and select your country to find support in your part of the world.

Feel free to discuss Canon products sold outside of the United States, but please be aware that you will not receive support directly from Canon USA.

Thanks for choosing Canon!


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