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Using Fax and Scan with G4210


I have a Pixma G4210 all-in-one. I have successfully sent faxes though MS Office applications by selecting Print>Fax, BUT...

I would much prefer to use Fax and Scan so that I have a complete record of faxes sent. Unfortunately I can't seem to add the printer to the Fax and Scan application. Windows recognizes it as a fax from e.g., Word, but not from Fax and Scan. When I attempt to set up an account, I select "Connect to a fax modem", but it can't find one. If I select "Connect to a fax server on my network", and enter the address, it displays the error message, "The mentioned fax server is not available".


Anyone  have any tips or tricks?




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Sunnyanne,


The Windows Fax and scan program is a stand alone PC fax program on your computer and does not connect to the driver for the G4210. The message that you are getting is for connecting your PC to a fax modem. For help with setting up your fax and scan program, I would suggest contacting Microsoft or the company that made your computer for help connecting the computer to a fax modem.

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