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Use of ink carts 250, 251: which printer compatible with Mac Sonoma 14.3


Have a lot of 250 and 251 xl cartridges, from now useless mg 6320 which no longer works with higher up Mac systems.  Want to use these cartridges; are much less expensive to buy, as well.  Cannot find an all-in-one that uses these inks, that works with Mac Sonoma 14.3.  Want that printer to work with Sonoma 14.3; and, not have it become outdated with any Mac system upgrades.  250 and 251 Ink is high quality, includes grey; excellent picture prints, like the old MG 6320 that had very high resolutions.  Printer must have all-in-one features, incl. duplex.  Print, scan, copy.  Is there a Canon printer using 250 and 251 cartridges compatible with the Mac system Sonoma 14.3?  Replies are appreciated. 

NOTE:  currently using recent purchase of TS 6420, two cartridges:  Black and tri-color.  Had it replaced, not printing full color, word lines corrupted, split:  college ruled type lines through images, when printing or copying photos; poor color photo images; replacement printer does the same, just out of the year warranty.  Ink for this is a fortune, tri-color depletes in no time:  11 ml in it, split for three colors.  Once one color depletes, the cartridge is useless.  Black, also 11 ml.  Ink is gone in no time.  No one prints at 5% coverage.  These carts are not economical by any stretch.  Three sets of these xl's already and it cost more than the printer.  

Reiterate:  Would like to use the large stock on hand of 250 and 251 xl ink cartridges.  Is there a Canon printer for these, all in one, prints scan, copy; duplex; high resolution, too, up to 9600, for photo printing. 

Thank you. 



If you go to Canon USA site and shop for ink you can locate those cartridges and see which printer models they are compatible with. 

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

Thank you, John, very much.  I should have thought to do that first.  Instead, I went to Amazon and such, and found the printers, but none of them seemed to be current types, that would work with Sonoma 14.3.  One shouldn't always trust the kinds for sale, used and even claimed as 'new', as with eBay, because the sellers are never quite transparent on the workings of what they sell, if their printers for sale are up to date compatible with my Sonoma.

Again, thanks, very much. Barry S.