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Trouble with Canon PRIXMA TR8520 Installation in Ubuntu-based Linux Operating System


To Whom It May Concern,


I have a Canon PRIXMA TR8520 office inkjet machine that is a device that is not only a desktop printer, but also a scanner, a copier and a fax machine all-in-one. I also have a laptop computer running Zorin OS Linux; a Linux distribution built on top of an Ubuntu Linux core; and I have followed the instructions in the installation and operations manual for Ubuntu printer and scanner drivers for my device very closely, in order to get my device drivers installer through the Linux terminal. However, although I was able to get the printing functions of my device to work, my computer is unable to detect a scanner device connected to my system. So, I cannot get the scanner to work with my Linux laptop!


My Canon PRIXMA TR8520 device is connected to my laptop through a USB cord and I made sure that it was powered on before I tried to scan. I also followed the instructions in scanning manual for my device very closely in order to make sure that I was operating it properly. So, I don't know what went wrong! Could anyone help me to get my Canon PRIXMA TR8520's scanning component to work with my Ubuntu-based Linux system?


I would really appreciate any assistance to get this set-up to work.





Nataly Mota




Linux distros can vary.  Canon only provides drivers for mainstream distros.  Your Zorin distro built on top of an Ubuntu core may not be supported.


Although you might get an RPM to install, it may not function fully or as expected if you are using an OS which is not certified.


The ScanGear Drivers are only certified for Fedora and Ubuntu, not Zorin.  You can contact Canon and see if they can help.

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Hi Rick!


Thanks! I might try switching from Zorin to Ubuntu or Fedora to see if that works.