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TS9120 not copying or printing from applications like Word


My printer is brand new and I can't copy anything or print from any applications.  I am able to print photos from Picasa as an example so the ink is fine.  But when printing documents, the paper just comes out blank.  Same for copying.  I have Windows 10.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jslubell,


A test of your PIXMA TS9120 should be performed. This will tell us if the printer is working correctly. To do this, please load letter-sized paper in the PIXMA TS9120 and follow these steps:


1. Select Setup from the HOME screen of your PIXMA TS9120. It is the gear at the bottom of the screen.


2. Tap Maintenance.


3. Tap Print nozzle check pattern.


4. Tap Yes.


The Nozzle Check will print. Please compare your printout to the example that has been attached to the bottom of this post. If they differ, please perform a few printhead cleanings.


To perform cleanings, please follow these steps:


1. Select Setup from the HOME screen.


2. Tap Maintenance.


3. Tap Cleaning.


4. Tap Yes to clean the printhead.


5. Tap Yes to print another Nozzle Check.


Does the Nozzle Check print correctly?  If not, please contact our support group using the following link:


TS9120 Nozzle Check.jpg

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Thank you.  I did that test yesterday.  The PGBK does not show up at all on the check nozzle report.  That explains why no text but the photos print fine.  I did the cleaning already.  I contacted the support team yesterday as well.  Waiting to hear from them.

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