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TS9020 and Catalina OS

After downloading the correct drivers (twice), I finally got my printer to show up in my Printers & Scanners (Bonjour Multifunction), however the 'name' appears as EPSON XP-430 Series-AirPrint. ?? From the printer's Wireless LAN setting it is connected to our network. Now it says it's "offline" and if I send anything to print, it sits in the queue for about 15 seconds then disappears. Nothing prints. I don't know what else to adjust!



You'll need to correctly identify and install your Canon printer before it can be used.


The Epson listing.  Do you own this printer to?  It is either an old device, a device you used previously on your computer, or a device which is (near) close enough proximity for your MAC to see it.


If it's not yours, you'll need to remove it from your computer.


Apple menu > System Preferences > Printer's and Scanners > select device, then (-)


If you have one or more multiple (failed) entries for your TS9020, I suggest you remove those as well, restart and reinstall.  If you are familar with how to reset the Printing System on your MAC, that is another option.  Don't do this if you have other working printers installed you wish to keep or continue using.


Make sure you identify and select the TS9020 during the installation.


Drivers for TS9000 series are here  


Note, you need the CUPS driver and the ICA driver.  If you don't install the ICA driver, you will not be able to scan 



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