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Last Page First


My canon MG5753 By default Prints the last page


FirstIy appreciate I can untick this feature in Printer Preferences, but is there anyway I can stop this print feature permantly
I have read that Print from Last Page appears grayed out and is unavailable when Tiling/Poster is selected for Page Layout.
but that is no use to me 

if I remember, I untick the box before print run , but on the next print run the box is ticked again by default

Any ideas ?



Greetings from the US,

See page 381 for information on Print From Last Page and Collate functions


There are probably 2 places where this setting might exists.


The printer driver, or within the application you are using to create documents or print with.  This might explain why the option appears to be grayed out in the printer driver.  

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The Application is MSWord
In the Options/Advanced/Print :-   "Print from last page" is unticked - Drats


However, this page gives you the means to adjust the default printer setting

Oddly enough no mention of "Last page First" in any of the options