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TS8320 and TS9020 disappeared from MAC OS Ventura, cannot re-add


Hi -

Both printers have been misbehaving since upgrading to OS 13.0.1. I've had to power down and power up each time I want to print a document. Now they are not showing up at all in the Add Printer dialog.

Mac OS 13.1.0; Apple M1 iMac

  • I've downloaded and installed successfully both current CUPS drivers: mcpd-mac-ts8000-24_30_0_0-ea21_3 and mcpd-mac-ts9000-24_30_0_0-ea21_3
  • Both printers are powered up, online, and connected to the same WiFi network as the computer.
  • The printers both have a static IP address and I can ping them at that IP address
  • I have power cycled both printers and the computer

When I open the System Settings > Printers & Scanners > Add Printer dialog and click on the first of the three tabs on top (the one with the printer icon) I see a single entry for "Virtual Scanner II" and nothing else.

Any help appreciated :-)_




Hardware: M1 iMac; OS Ventura 13.0.1

Printer (Canon TS8320) has current driver as downloaded from the Canon website. Printer information dialog shows Kind: Canon TS8300 series-AirPrint; Driver version 3.0

Printer is set up with a static IP address. Printer and computer are on the same wifi network. Device shows up on network and I can ping the printer from the iMac.

When I try to print I get "Printing - Looking for printer" which eventually times out with "Unable to locate printer xxxxxx" where xxxx is the last 6 or so digits of the device MAC address followed by a handful of zeros.

If I power cycle the printer, and then pause and resume the print job, it will print. However, some time later, the printer will not be found (while still on the network and pingable.


Similar behavior with a Canon TS9020 on the same network. 




Can you please confirm the printer model number for the Community? While TS8300 is a series number, the specific model number usually ends with 20, 40, etc... You can find this on the front panel, bottom right side. 

TS8320. Same behavior with a TS9020. 

I am having a similar issue.  My Pixma G6020 is not working with my iMac OS 13.1.  My error message:  "You do not have the required privileges to access the specified folder.  Code:  9, 244, 3."  After multiple attempts to solve the problem over a period of several days, I just got off the phone with a Netgear Gearhead supervisor who said that he has had other Mac users with similar issues.  Canon needs to issue a driver update for Mac OS 13.1 users!

Clarification:  I can print but cannot use the scanner utility IJ Scan Utility Lite.


Same with Pixma ts6320. No answers a year later, eh?


You can try disabling the ipv6 setting on the printer using the steps HERE

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