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TS6220 will only print black with photo options


Everything has Been working perfectly, nothing new/changed. using Mac ElCapitan 10.11.6 -  Connected wifi

 My PIXMA 6200 started printing as light gray and yet the Black ink cartridge is full.  Finally figured out if I choose "photo" as the media source, it prints perfectly, so the nozzle is fine and clean, but this selection also requires me to get up and confirm 'photo paper' on printer each time...PIA.   I uninstalled printer and reinstalled.  No luck.  Something is not communicating properly.  How might I fix this?  thanks in advance




Your printer uses two types of black ink.


Pigment based black for documents

Dye based black for photos


It sounds like something could be wrong with the BLK pigment based cartridge (ink delivery clogged or issue with the printhead), etc.


See this KB article


Other options:


Change the media type from plain paper to photo and select "Always Print Using These Settings"...




Troubleshoot further to determinie if there is a mechanical problem with the device.

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