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TR8520 wrong settings options


I love Canon printers. I got a new TR8520 two years ago and love it. But I just set up a new computer (Windows 10 desktop) and I'm having some trouble. The usual settings are not available; it gives me only very basic settings. See image below. I would like to set it to show me a preview page, for example, but that option is now gone. The detailed settings I had on my old computer aren't here. 


Canon TR8520.png


I tried uninstalling and re-installing from the Canon website. I installed the Recommended Driver and the three Optional 
Drivers. Should I uninstall some of them? 


 When I right-click the printer image under Control Panel, and choose Properties, it says the Driver is Microsoft IPP Class Driver. One  of the options is Canon TR8500 Series. Should I change it to that? 









What programs are you printing from?


I suggest you try opening one of the documents and then press "CTRL+P"


Does this give you what you are looking for?

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I have tried both Word and Photoshop. I tried Ctrl-P and it made no difference, it still showed the very truncated list of options. 


I went to Control Panel>Printers> Canon TR8500 series, then right click >Printer Properties > Advanced > Driver: MIcrosoft IPP Class Driver. 


I changed the Driver: to Canon TR8500 series and now I see the full menu for settings. 


However now the printer won't print at all. "Printer Not responding." Changing the Driver is the only change I made. 


I had no trouble with this printer on my old computer. Two weeks since I set up the new one and it's still not right. I've had lots of times it said the printer was offline and I thought I'd beat that, but I don't know if "printer not responding" means the printer is offline, or something else. It still shows up as the default printer in Control Panel. I welcome any suggestions. 

Hello fredericmg,


It looks like the driver is not installed properly on the new computer. In this situation you can go back into printers under the control panel and you can right click and select remove device for all of the icons for the printer. Once that is done, you can go into control panel and then go into programs>uninstall a program. In the list of programs, you can select the Canon TR8500 series MP drivers and then you can click on uninstall at the top of the window.


Once the drivers have been uninstalled, you can try reinstalling the full driver and software package from our website. Once it has been reinstalled, you should not need to switch drivers and you should have the correct options.


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