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TR8520 - 1 page, then wait forever !


New Canon printer, love the print quality, but the response/interface is horrible.  Laptop interface is wireless, and desktop is

wired to router, which in turn is wirelessly connected to printer.  Laptop, or Desktop, try to print multiple page doc, and printer will print first page, then go off into never land.  You have to get up, and hit the STOP button on display, then WAIT forever for it to finish printing.  Display shows Process Please Wait Momentarily.  Also, at the beginning of a print the WHY does it take minutes for the interface to complete "Collecting Printer Status" ? 


Previous generation Canon would print when i asked it to print without any delay, not status collection, no waiting for second page.  It just printed !


Both computuers are running Windows 10, and yes OS is latest and greatest.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Lji1221,


Because there are many causes of the issue you are experiencing, it is recommended that you contact one of Canon's Technical Support Representatives. To contact a Technical Support Representative, please use the link below:

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