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TR4520 Doesn't show printer preferences/properties


The TR4520 used to gring up a dialog when choosing the desired printer for a print job that showed user pre-defined, named combinations of setting. For eaxmple, EVERYDAY COLOR set color (not black) and quality (draft or not). FULL COLOR would set color and not draft. Some of these nuances are not available in the current dialog:

TR4520 printer preferences.jpg 

I had forgotten about paper source. And there was an option to use the System print dialog that I now longer see. 
I've recently received support from a Canon online chat agent, who changed various settings on the printer. I don't know whether he might have changed something that affects this. Anyway, I'd like to get the older options display back.

TIA for you help.



One observation:

You have or had multiple (at least two) instances of the printer installed.  This is why the printer is named with a (Copy 2).

If Canon print drivers are installed, you should see them when you right-click on the device and select Printer Preferences from the context menu.

More options may be available by pressing the "Advanced" button.

If you have multiple instances of the device installed, Printer Preferences may not be available until this situation is corrected or the Canon drivers are installed.

Those are available here:

Support | TR Series - Inkjet | PIXMA TR4520 (TR4500 Series) | Canon USA






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Do you suggest removing the printer and then add it back in Devices and Printers?

Thanks. pwrichcreek