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Support Code 1403- install Correct Print Head?- I have a pixma MG5522


I have never had any issues with this printer until now. It wont let me do anything and says I need to Install the Correct Print Head. It was bought with all origional pieces? What do I need to do?


I seen someone else post about this issue and I followed there guidlines but they had a slightly different printer and didnt have the same interior as mine.


I restarted the printer, took out all the ink cartridges as what was said to do and looked for the grey lever they were talking about but I dont think mine has one?


Any way the printer is still on support code 1403 so someone please help!




Thanks for sharing. Found your post just before I threw my MG5550 with Support Code 1403 problem out of the window. Fix worked perfectly

I returned from vacation, turned on my printer, and it told me that new firmware is available and asked if I would like to install it.  I said "yes"; it installed the new firm ware; and the next thing I got was Support Code 1403, Install the Correcd Printhead.  I have this thread and tried the fixes to no avail.


How do you interrupt the start-up and get to the Menu from whence you can run the maintenance routine?


I also tried a "hard re-set", but that also requires interrupting the start-up routine and I couldn't do that either?


That is enough of my Sunday wasted.  Unless solved by late tomorrow, I anticipate a brand-new non-Canon printer on my desk.


People, there is no fix. Years of waiting, hoping, nothing. The printer was either designed to present this code shortly after warranty expires or it's a manufacturing error NO ONE is going to fix or take responsibility for.

WE GOT ........... Throw it away, all those cartridges too.

Thank you CarArt, I figured as much, but wanted confirmation.

this 6320 was purchased by me, a pro commercial photog for nearly 40yrs to simply print and scan the very few "paper" communications I have. Did fine until a month or two after the warranty expired, printing out... probably no more than 50-100 pages then telling me I have the wrong "ORIG" print head. Seems to me if it's the "wrong print head"(ORIGINAL) that would be like GM putting in the wrong whatever and regardless of warranty, THEY SHOULD RECALL AND FIX ALL.


I've spent my life answering the age old question... Nikon or Canon, to which I always said either as both are great cameras, lenses, comes down to the photog not his equipment. I have and will forever answer differently as it's clearly the photog and the company supporting his equipment. Guess who doesn't, doesn't even produce a response on their own canoncommunity? My MG6320 sits very quietly, looking near perfect, on my desk just so those that ask can get my feedback. Junk.


Suppose my responses won't be here long, glad someone took note.

I just got this error with an MG7150. It's not like it's had heavy use, it drinks more ink than I use.

Is it worth buying a replacement print head from our friends in Hong Kong?

no, unless you like buying endless ink even when the printer just sits doing nothing, and for a defective print head or internal software/firmware. It's clear after years of complaints Canon intends to do nothing

CarArt, I just wanted you to know that my brand new refillable Epson sits proudly where the 7120 used to occupy space and tell me I needed to replace the print head..

First timeseeing error 1403, "type of print head is incorrect install the correct print head" message

New printer time