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Storing a Canon G7020 Megatank


I will be storing a G7020 Megatank for about 5 months. The temperatures in my home will be in the 80's and the humidity will be very low. Any ideas on how to do this to keep the printer functional.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Jackson1! Thanks for posting in the Canon Community Forum. I see that you would like to know how to store your PIXMA G7020 while you are away for 5 months.


Since we recommend using the printer to keep the inks flowing properly, it would be best if you have someone turn the printer on once every 2-3 weeks while you are away. If you must leave the printer for longer than a month, we do recommend that you leave it in a temperature-controlled environment away from overhead lighting, windows, and other sources of heat.

More ink tips can be found in the following sections of the manual: (see notes at the end) (see Choosing a Location)

When you get back, we recommend that you print a nozzle check pattern. If there are streaks or missing sections in the pattern, you should perform a “Cleaning” of the print head nozzles. Then, you can print another nozzle check pattern.

If there are still issues with the nozzle test, you should wait 6 hours before the next cleaning attempt. During that time, the new ink may soak through any clogs and loosen them. If the second cleaning attempt does not help, you should wait 6 hours and perform a “Deep Cleaning.” You can do another deep cleaning or cleaning 6 hours later until the pattern looks good.

Information on the cleaning process can be found here:

I hope this information helps. Thanks for choosing Canon.

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