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Bring back the PIXMA MX922!


Can I start a support group requesting Cannon to start making the MX922 printer again? After having to replace this printer with the next best thing I could find on the market, in my search I went with the Megatank Cannon G7020. It’s missing so many features the MX922 had. While I love the new mega tanks and the rear feed option. The G7020 doesn’t have 2 sided copy that I require for my business. I can’t tweak the color settings to bring out different tones in my graphics that I need to print. I don’t have options to choose detailed paper types. The LCD menu screen fits 2 lines of type and is very difficult to navigate. After talking to Cannon support I found out the MX922 is one of the most popular printer’s cannon made. Please cannon, add a rear feed and mega tanks to that printer and bring it back! I’d consider buying 2 and hoarding a spare in my closet just in case I can’t fix the first one 4 years down the road.