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Scanner selection with two MX922 printers


My primary computer gave up the ghost so I had to switch to my backup. I have both MX922s connected via wireless and can print to ether. However, I have a couple of issues:


1> How can I change the name of the printers? For some reason 1 &2 have become reversed and I'd like to correct this.


2> Scanning. I understand that one has to have the Mac address of the printer to be used as the scanner and set the default. On my old machine, when I did the select with the settings for the IJ Scan Utility, it showed me two Mac addresses, one for each of the printers and I could select the one I wanted to use (at least that's what I remember). For some reason, now I'm only seeing one Mac address, and it is not the one I wish to use (printers are separated and hate to walk around from one to the other).I'd appreciate any help the community could provide. Once I knew the ins and outs, but it's been a long time since I had to set this up for the first time.


Many thanks,




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi. Just a few questions:

  • What operating system is your backup computer running?
  • Are you trying to change the name of the printer as it appears on the computer?

If you have a Windows computer, you can change the printer's name in the Devices and Printers window. Once you are in that window, right-click on the icon for the printer and select PRINTER PROPERTIES from the middle of the window that opens. Then, you can change the name of the printer in the General tab and click APPLY or OK. If you can't change the name in this window, you'll need to click on the CHANGE PROPERTIES button in the bottom left corner and enter your Security password so you can get that permission.


To fix the scanning issue on a Windows computer, you can turn off the printer that is being detected. Once that printer is off, please reinstall the MX920 series MP Drivers. The Setup program should detect the printer that is turned on and install it. Once that is complete, you can turn on the other printer and see if the IJ Scan Utility detects both of them as options.


I hope this information helps. Thank you for choosing Canon.

Many thanks for the reply. I hadn't tried the properties at the botton when I was able to change the names there. However, previously I gave up on the scanner selection and just swapped the printer locations. All is working as I like now.

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