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Scanner on PIXMA TR8520 not consistently working


I am having an issue with the scanner on the Canon TR8500 Series printer. It is connected to a Windows 11 desktop computer. I will go through the initial issue and then the steps I did which got to what I think is the underlying issue.

The scanner will work one time but then trying to using it right after (in this case for a multi-page document), I get the this error (Code: 2,157,50):

"Cannot communicate with scanner for these reasons:

- Scanner is turned off.

-(If using Wired LAN connection) It is disconnected from Wired LAN.

-(If using Wireless LAN connection) Signal strength is poor due to obstructions.

-Network connection is prohibited by security software.

-Different scanner on the network is selected

Please check and try again.

Click [Scanner Selection] if you want to select another scanner.

Scanner driver will be closed."

The printer should be connected via Wired LAN. I did realize that it switched over to Wireless LAN, which I know has a poor connection strength (the WiFi signal hates traveling through our walls and moving the printer/router is not an option). I switched it over to Wired LAN (which is plugged into both the computer and printer fully, I double checked) and the printing aspect works fine but ScanGear seems unable to recognize the Wired connection and attempts to only connect to the Wireless connection, which obviously does not work as it has been disabled to allow Wired LAN. When I go to select another scanner, it only recognizes the original connection version. Now it also does not scan at all, only giving me this error. 

Ultimately, I think my issue is that ScanGear is not trying to connect to the scanner on my printer through the Wired connection and only the Wireless, I did remove the printer completely and re-added it and fully restarted the ScanGear application.

I am not sure why this is causing so many issues but I do not have time to keep messing with it with no direction as this printer is at a business and none of the other message posts have been helpful. If someone has any suggestions, I will gladly take them.

Thank you!



Thanks for joining the conversation, BlackSnowLeo!

So that the Community can help you better, we need to know exactly which model you're using within the PIXMA TR8500 series.  The printer's model number should appear at the lower right corner of the printer's operation panel. That, and any other details you'd like to give will help the Community better understand your issue!

If this is a time-sensitive matter, click HERE search our knowledge base or find additional support options HERE.

Thanks and have a great day!

It is a TR8520.



I think I understand the gist of your issue.  I may need your help with some of the terminology you are using 😃

Lets establish a common starting point


Windows 11

How do you want to connect the device?  Wired (ethernet) or Wireless?  Its best to pick one or the other.  It doesn't matter which.  If you have wireless challenges, then wired ethernet would be best.  Your desktop, laptops or other devices can connect to the network however you like.    

What is the printer connected to?  Tell me about your router (Brand, Model).

What IP address has it been assigned?

Your windows 11 computer.  What IP has it been assigned?

Can you PING the printer from a command prompt?

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I am not connecting to the network. I am trying to connect directly to the desktop computer via a cord that goes from the printer to a USB on the computer. This has work fine is the past and works fine to print. It will not scan though.



Thanks for clarifying.  The term "wired LAN" does not refer to USB.  It means ethernet and network adapter.   So we've established the printer is connected directly to the computer as a device via USB.

Are you using any adapters, hubs, cable extensions, etc?  The printer should be connected directly to an available USB port.  

Do you have any 3rd party anti-virus or security software installed?  Something other than windows security?  If so, you will need to create an exception for the device so scanning can occur. This is a requirement if it applies.    


Windows also has a firewall.  You are prompted to allow the printer's software to modify it during installation.  Do you recall seeing this?

Here is what I recommend. 

Visit the printers support portal

Canon Support for PIXMA TR8520 | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Download this file.  Print Driver and Scan Utility Installer Ver.1.02 (Windows).  You can download it directly by clicking the link if you wish:

Important: Disconnect the printer from the computer's USB port.

Press the Windows Start Menu Button.  Hold the windows key and tap "R"  (Win+R).  A run dialog will open.

Type control printers, press ok


Bluetooth and Devices applet opens.  Select Devices


The page will refresh, scroll down to Related Devices section.  Select More Devices and Printer Settings


When the dialog opens, Find your printer,  Right-click and select remove device from the context menu.


 Now click on Control Panel above


When Control panel Opens, Select Programs > Uninstall a program.  You might see programs and features depending on the view you have set.  


Now find the driver for your Canon printer in the list.  Just the driver.  Right-Click and select Uninstall / Change.  Remove the driver.


Important Step.  Restart your system.  

When the system restarts, run the installer you downloaded above.  Follow the prompts selecting USB if applicable.  Do not connect the printer until prompted to do so.  

When installation finishes, restart your machine again and retest the scanner.  Please let us know if this solves the issue.

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