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Question about using a new PIXMA TS702a with edible ink


I know Canon printers are commonly used with edible ink to print edible images; I use TS702a myself for this purpose. I was previously told as long as it is a new printer, you can install the edible ink and start printing. But others say even new printers from Canon can't be used for edible printing as they say Canon runs regular ink through them during manufacturing. Can anyone from Canon confirm if the printers are 'clean' of all ink or if there is any residual regular ink in the system? I want to be sure I have the correct information. Thank you.


Ink doesn't get run through printers during manufacturing.  There is nothing to "clean" because ink isn't put through the printer in the first place.  

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Thank you, this is what I was told previously but have seen mixed messages so wanted to confirm. Some people have said their new printers have arrived with ink on the absorber pads which led people to believe ink had been ran through the system.




You were able to convert this printer to edible ink imaging? How? I  can't find ink cartridges to fit it.