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Question about Pixma Print subscription for Canon PIXMA TS6420a


Hi, I recently just purchased Canon PIXMA TS6420a from Office Depot. Hasn't got here at my place yet. I was wondering if despite me not buying from Best buy and or through Canon website. (Both mention Canon PIXMA TS6420a is compatible with the Pixma Print subscription)

Even though Office Depot has no mention  of Pixma Print subscription for my new  printer. Would I still be able to setup Pixma with the Pixma Print subscription despite from buying from Office Depot?

Also how long is Canon PIXMA TS6420a going to be officially supported? I'm unable to buy new current (2023-2024) printers and I know this printer is going to be old. (That accepts double sided print and Pixma ink subscription)

I'm just unsure (if my Office Depot brand is compatible) how long would Canon Pixma Print subscription would be available for current printer I'm getting. 

I doubt I have much time left before this printer is discontinued.  (According to Amazon first release was February 25 2022) Possibly also not long for Pixma Print subscription for the printer (despite buying from Office Depot)


Canon Pixma Print subscription link