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Put in the wrong INK Cartridge in my Canon Pixma MG3620, now it's stuck inside!!


So I bought the Canon Pixma FINE INK cartridge for the Pixma 246 Color XL, which was the wrong one since it's not listed as a compatible ink cartridge on the ink order site. I just now found out I needed the Pixma 241 Color XL...however I already input the wrong cartridge inside, and the cover closed. It wont open now and Im afraid to pry it open in fear of breaking the cover by force. Now I have no idea what to do in how to remove this ink cartridge....I need help.


*UPDATE* I went ahead and pushed open the ink head cover with firm force (not too much) and it popped open, which then allowed me to take out the ink cartridge that was not compatible with my printer. I can't return the ink now I guess because it's clearly unpackaged and opened, but maybe I'll list it on sale on Mercari and try to see if anyone needs a full Pixma 246 Color XL fine ink cartridge, seeing as how I can't use it.