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Problems with two MX922 printers and scanning


Due to a hardware problem with my Dell computer, have had to completely rebuild my Windows 10 system. I have two MX922 printers and managed to get to the point where I may print to either of them. Oddly enough, although both printers are listed in the print dialog box so that either may be slected for printing, only the first one is present in the Device and Printers via the Control Panel.


When I attempted to scan a document, the scan was done on the second printer that I didn't want to use for that purpose as it's farther away from my position. I have had this issue previously and was able to go to the Canon IJ Scan Utility > Settings and then select the printer of my two I wanted to use from the Product Name box. However, in this instance, only the second printer shows up and it seems to me that previously I was able to see both printers listed so I could select the correct one (after printing out the Network Configuration Page for each printer so that I knew which printer was which). The drop-down box is named "Canon MX920 series Network," but as I said only the printer installed second is listed. 


I would appreciate any help anyone can provide. It is a mystery to me. Since the second printer is not showing in Device and Printers, I would have thought the other would be chosen for scnning, but not so. I am sure this is some error on my part, but I cannot figure it out. Help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance,