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Prints from MacBook Pro are dull from TS9520


I have a Macbook Pro (2023) and I have a TS9520 photo printer and I notice that when I print anything using my MacBook the colors are not accurate and look dark, dull and washed out. I recently was using an older MacBook (2012) and a Windows 11 PC and whenever I printed from the PC the images were perfect but not so much for the MacBook. If I wanted to print something I had to use the PC because anything I printed from the MacBook was dull, dark and washed out. As a photographer and graphic designer this was not good. I recently upgraded my MacBook to a 2023 and want to exclusively use that to print instead of my PC. However, the prints from the new MacBook are also dull, dark and washed out and the colors are not accurate. I have updated the printer drivers and the OS is running on Sonoma, which is the most current OS. I spoke to Apple they say it is an issue with the printer. I am open to suggestions for this issue. I am particularly looking for help from seasoned MacBook users who have a background in Photography and/or graphic design, but if you are neither but are knowledgeable about printers your input would be appreciated as well.

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