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Printing from Chromebook to MX920 on January 1, 2021


I have an issue that I see referenced here and there on the Community Forums and in my Google searches.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to determine a Canon supported solution or a workaround. 


I use Google Cloud Print Services to print from my Chromebook running standard ChromeOS to my MX920 printer.  The Google Cloud Print Service is end of life in December of 2020.  


There doesn't seem to be a supported way from Canon to print directly from my Chromebook to my printer.  I tried a few different things, including downloading Canon Print Service to my Chromebook like I did on my phone, but no luck - Not supported.  I tried mapping directly to my printer, but print drivers are non-existent.  


So, I ask the following to this Comminuty Forum, maybe hopping someone from Canon support reads it to answer this question, officially.... (I ask here because I truly cannot find another way to write to the company).


Does anyone know if Canon will be providing an update to their print service app or ChromeOS drivers so I can print from my Chromebook to my MX920 on January 1, 2021, or do I need to buy a new printer?..  Which will most likely be a non-Canon device because, in my opinion, to be one month out on connectivty between two devices that have a huge adoption level around the world for a company like Canon seems like silliness.  I mean, I have a Chromebook and a Canon printers.  How can these no easily work together?!?!  


Maybe I'm missing something.  Would like for any input from the community.  Thanks all!


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Christopher15,


You are correct, Google Cloud Print is ending at the end of the year.  Google has not included the PIXMA MX922 in their list of supported printers.  There are third party printing solutions available for printers that are not being supported by the ChromeOS.


Also, please view this article:





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This simply did not solve the problem. There are two possible solutions


1. Develop a PPD for the Canon 920 series

2. Develop a Canon OS driver for the machine. 


The third-party solutions (like paper cut) may work, but they are subscription systems costing at least $120 per year! This is an absurdity. 


Why won't Canon step up to the plate and solve this problem? 

"Absurdity" doesn't even come close. After 4 months of this, I again called Customer Service at Canon to see if there were any new developments. While the rep was pleasant, he informed there was nothing new, and the bottom line is that it appears there never will be regarding any of the MX9200 series. When I asked about the others in the same boat as me (and I'm sure there have to be several more than the few postintg here), he said he was told to tell us about an "Upgrade" program that Canon is offering so that customers might get a deal on a Canon printer that WILL work with Canon. What? I spend $ on a a unit that will work with Canon, and then they take that away (well, not them really, but still...) and now they want more of my $ to get one that will work with Chromebook? I don't think so. I have no knowledge of the whys and wherefores of the problem, but from what I read here and elsewhere, it could be solved by Canon developing a driver for the 9200 series. Just venting here, as I suspect this wiill never happen, but for anyone else who might stumble onto this forum, might as well just give up finding a solution.

I'm having the same issue with a pixma mx492.  I can print from a chrome browser in windows or on an iphone, so why can't they make it work with chromebook.  Ridiculous.  I guess I'll have to buy a new printer.... I know what brand I'm not going to consider. 


Did you solve this problem? I'm stuck, too. And can't find any practical solution for home printing with Chromebooks. Crazy.


Hi, just jumping in here because I'm having the same issue. It seems like an MX printer could be set up, in theory, if we had a PPD file, but I don't even know if such a file exists, let alone how to get it. Canon seems to be intent on making sure that I cannot talk to a person to get help on this issue. Google will at least talk to me, but after trying a few things, they're at a loss and say I need to get help from the manufacturer.


Google also suggested to see if there is a setting for printer language or printer emulation for the MX920 series, but I can find no information on this setting either.


Thanks for the replies. In the end, I've used an old laptop to setup a print server with Papecut Mobility Print. It works, but it feels ridiculous that I had to go through all those hoops. 


Canon's support pages weren't very helpful, and, boy, I too would love to find a PPD file for my printer. 

What 3rd party printing solutions do you recommend? I like this printer and dont want to have to give it up. Thanks!

Really? No support from Canon on this? It would seem to me that this a major problem that needs adressing. I have a Samsung CHromebook, and though they were as helprul as they could be under the circumstances, they coudl not figure this out either. With all the Canon Printers that are out there and all the Chromebooks as well, I find it incredulous that this problem has not been solved. 

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