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Printing PowerPoint Slides onto continuous paper roll, with a Pixma G650


I've got a Pixma G650 and a 125 metre roll of Canon A4 width paper (210mm wide).

I want to print large numbers (20+) of PowerPoint 2010 slides side by side in landscape format in a single operation, so that I end up with a long continuous ribbon of printed slides that can be attached to a wall for people to read as they walk clockwise around the room.

I have totally failed to discover how to do this.  Can anyone help me please?   I can't find "continuous roll" as a Paper Size option.  If this option isn't factory fitted on the G650, can I add it somehow?  Or failing that, could I set up PowerPoint to print all the slides in A4 landscape, but somehow fool the printer into not trying to eject the entire paper roll after each "page" is complete.

And if I need to use a different application, please could you recommend one?