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Printing Photo's


How do you print photograps on my MG5520 wirelessly from my computer (Lenovo Yoga).  When I push print no picture is printed, the paper just comes out blank.  Thank you!



Hi seagal,


The process for printing photos is the same as when printing documents; if the paper is coming out blank, you will want to ensure that all of the inkjet nozzles are dispensing the ink correctly.  To do this, please print a nozzle check pattern from the printer by following the steps located here.  After the nozzle check pattern prints, please examine it and compare it to the correctly printed nozzle check pattern here.  If the nozzle check pattern did not print correctly, we recommend performing at least one cleaning and two deep cleanings on the unit.  To perform the cleanings, please follow the steps located here.


In addition, since you are using the printer wirelessly, you will want to ensure that the printer has proper wireless communication occurring.  To do this, please ensure the following:


1. The distance between the printer and the access point is not too far. If they are too far, move them closer together.


2. There is no barrier or obstacle between the printer and the access point. In general, connection performance decreases for communications through walls or between different floors. Adjust the locations to avoid such situations.


Once the above items have been verified, if you still experience difficulty, please call or email us using one of the methods on the Contact Us page for further assistance.

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