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Printers are having prints turn out way, way too light


I have now had this issue on multiple printers. I first had the issue on an MX922, and now on a PIXMA8720 (which I purchased specifically because I read reviews that stated the color turned out phenomenal. A little disappointed, of course.)

I had the issue on my MX first. I actually googled and checked these forums for every possible solution. Got new ink, cleaned the inkhead, tried different types of paper, increased the saturation on printing preferences, everything. No luck. Literally just installed and connected the PIXMA and thought it would fix the problem. New driver, new ink, restarted computer... exact same color quality.

As I am printing for art sales, it's pretty important to me that the color be optimal quality. Can anyone advise if there are any fixes to this issue, or anything I may try? Really want to get the ball rolling on getting some prints ready for sales and as it is a brand new printer I would hope this would be fixable.




Accurate color rendition relies on correct monitor calibration and color profiles.  

Without proper calibration, what you see on your screen may not be what the printer reproduces.

Here are examples of free options.  Paid supported options also exists.

Best Free Monitor Calibration Software in 2022 (  

Equally important are color profiles.  Proper color rendition and accuracy need to be maintained in a workflow to achieve consistent results.  To better understand, I suggest you do a little research color and icc profiles, color space, etc. 

Hope this helps.


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I ran a color calibration and it was fairly on-point. Perhaps a little on the warm side which I knew, but nothing that should explain prints being substantially faded. I did notice a difference in the screens when I would use my drawing tablet, though, so maybe this will help with that!

Still hopeful to get printing figured out and hoping it's equally as easy of a fix.