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Printer voltage supply issue


I use a Canon ip6700d printer and the 8 series inks as part of my business. The printer quality and the ink cartridge size and number of cartridges (6) I find to make for ease of use compared with any other combination of printer and ink system. Therefore, as I needed back up units of the ip6700d, because I use the printer a lot, I have had to source them from the United States second hand and import them here to Australia.

When I have done this previously the printer technician at Kirrawee, Network Data, has changed the power supply of the units over to Australian voltage. However, for the four machines I have imported over the last 9 months when he has changed the power supply unit over, the printers will still work. So I have only one working ip6700d from the United States that DOES work after changing the power supply unit over. But none of the other four will work after doing the installation of a 240 volt system (US is 11volt).


The reason I have four is that I kept on buying them from the States in the hope that it was just that one unit that couldn't be adapted to work in Australia. However, NONE of them will work, even though they were perfectly fucntioning units when they left America. (All the sellers included perfect printouts .) Can you please help me with my problem? Why won’t these imported machines work, even with the Australian voltage unit installed?  At the moment I have one machine working and when it breaks down, or is in for routine maintenance,  I will be in big trouble! The technician at Kirrawee has has four virtually brand new American machines of mine in his shop for the last 9 months, and I really need the help of someone who obviously has more competence than he does to solve this big problem. Thank you very much. : - )

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