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Printer error on set up - return it?


I've followed the instructions to set up my new TR4527. New paper. Scanning fine. App working. But trying to print and getting initially printer error 6000. Tried the next day. I turn it on it shoots 2 sheet through and the 3rd sheet jams (on 4 occasions) and it asks me to remove from the back, which I do. I have not instructed it to print. Any chance I need to do something different or return this to the store? 



An error like this out of the box are certainly disconcerting.


I'd try a different brand of paper, make sure you are fanning it before putting it into the tray and not overloading it above the max line.  If it continues, you have 2 options.  New printer, call Canon or replace it:


I'd try different paper first, and replace it of it didn't resolve.  Printers are tools that just need to work.  Myself, I don't have much patience for something new that doesn't work.  

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